Programme chairs : Marco Cammarata & Eric Collet; Contact: xfel2013@univ-rennes1.fr


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The rapidly evolving capabilities of X-ray Free Electron Lasers (XFELs) are attracting an ever increasing interest from scientists from many fields covering physics, chemistry, biology or materials science. XFELs unique features require scientists, and in particular young ones, to be informed about the FELs characteristics as well as how FELs can address fundamental questions.

The school and symposium are organized within the framework of a French GDRI-XFEL initiative and will take place in Dinard at the Manoir de la Vicomte near Rennes and Saint-Malo

The meeting will have two parts:

  • a school with lectures covering different topics showing state of the art development of XFEL related science.
  • a symposium with research talks (including contributing presentations)

Topics include:

  • XFEL radiation generation and properties>
  • Light matter interaction
  • Coherent Scattering and diffraction
  • X-ray absorption and X-ray emission spectroscopies
  • Electron based spectroscopies and ARPES
  • Structural dynamics in the solid phase
  • Chemical reactions
  • Biological sciences
  • Magnetism
  • Matter in extreme conditions